Bliss Excavating & Consulting is a family owned and operated business located in northern Colorado. We provide services to municipal, commercial and residential clients throughout the western united states. Our formula for success includes listening to our clients needs and providing cost effective and timely solutions to development and construction needs. We achieve this through our dedicated staff of experienced professionals.

We focus on bringing select materials, sound design and construction practices with the right tools to make your project work. This allows our clients to maintain and occupy spaces that are usable, practical, economical, appealing and of increased value. We team with various successful design and construction professionals to plan, design, manage, and bring your project to successful completion.

We specialize in managing all your sub grade worries. Our successful history in extreme situations, such as rock, hard soils, and severe slope allows us to help you maintain a budget without sacrificing integrity and quality.

Sub Grade issues have a long history in Colorado. It affects roads, foundations, wet utility displacement, as well as warranty issues with concrete, asphalt, and landscaping. Not to include excessive sump pump cycles.  Moister is a large factor in soils failure. Preparation is a way to deal with the moisture or lack thereof.  These issues can be managed with a higher rate of success when ground water and storm water issues are addressed throughout the complete project. We specialize in managing these issues for our clients.

Our customers are important to us! We look forward to providing you great service and a competitive price. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your next project.